Saturday, January 5, 2013

super long

omg i can barely type my nails are so long so sorry if there's some typos.
starting off sorry aboutmy last post i didnt realise the pictures hadnt shown up im tryna work on why it didnt show hopefully it will wen i post this :D
now lets get to the nail art!
a blue glitter french mani for those days you just feel electrified!

ugh my hands look like im some 50 year old....IM NOT EVEN 30!!!!!
ANYWAY moving on from my ugly man hands i useed two colors:
sinful colors-savage
essie-stroke of brilliance

the camera kind of makes it look lake a darker almost indigo or something but its more like a matte aqua with navy undertones maybe my naxt pic will do them some more justice
yeah i think it looks a little more realistic (pft like these nails are realistic)
im keepin it small because i want it to be as good of quality i can get so shutup and squint! lol.
and for thos of you rude annoyin haters YES THEY ARE FAKE see im admitting to it im not tryna make you think these are my nails i just like the way they look! so dont leave mean comments like if you dont like fake nails skip this post and move on
okeey bye! love you guys!

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