Sunday, January 13, 2013


im thinking about changing the name of my blog so if you ever cant seem to get onto "nailartchica"
the name i am thinking about is ohsoNAILARTsy
if you dont like that name and or want to give me suggestions or want me to stay nailartchica lemme know and comment below

my apologies

okay so today i was like i havent blogged in a while maybe i should post something...sadly my nails are too nubby to have anything be on them and look cute -_- so im sorry i am going to let my nails grow out to a decent size and then i will post for you
P.S. i have mid terms this week >:(
 wish me luck

Sunday, January 6, 2013

more blue

remember my blue nails? (if u havent seen them they are 2 posts down) weelllll i put atopcoat on them and they look amazing i would post a pic but i cant and i have 3 reasons
1.)I lost my webcam
2.)My phone is dead and i dont have my coard
3.)I cant find my camera coard
super sorry they look adorable shiny or matte so either way you see beautiful
okay bye love you!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

re: down with the uhh 70's?

okay so i just apoligised in my last post about the disco nails how the pics werent showing up....i fixed it!!! i hope! anyway sorry to inconvienience you and not fix it for a while ive been really busy and im sick today with nothing to do so im blogging away!

super long

omg i can barely type my nails are so long so sorry if there's some typos.
starting off sorry aboutmy last post i didnt realise the pictures hadnt shown up im tryna work on why it didnt show hopefully it will wen i post this :D
now lets get to the nail art!
a blue glitter french mani for those days you just feel electrified!

ugh my hands look like im some 50 year old....IM NOT EVEN 30!!!!!
ANYWAY moving on from my ugly man hands i useed two colors:
sinful colors-savage
essie-stroke of brilliance

the camera kind of makes it look lake a darker almost indigo or something but its more like a matte aqua with navy undertones maybe my naxt pic will do them some more justice
yeah i think it looks a little more realistic (pft like these nails are realistic)
im keepin it small because i want it to be as good of quality i can get so shutup and squint! lol.
and for thos of you rude annoyin haters YES THEY ARE FAKE see im admitting to it im not tryna make you think these are my nails i just like the way they look! so dont leave mean comments like if you dont like fake nails skip this post and move on
okeey bye! love you guys!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

down with the uh...70's?

hey guys i did a little manicure tha reminds me of the disco days it also reminds me of the 80's too thats why i put a ? by the 70's (disco times
anyway its about the most funnest way to KILL  winter. because though the manicure is adorable! noens just dont fit ;P well i dont really like to get too wordy so imma get to the point
heres a picture

ur da dur lol sowwy the picture quality is bad but thats jurst because the pic was like itty bitty the size of miah  pinky toe small so i jumbo sized it heee lol dont mind me acting urhmm crazy im just like a lil bit weirdly off. its cuz i havent done anything today and im FiLlEd with energyyyyyyy.
anyway would you likeh to knoew what colors i used
ThE CoLoRs I uSeD:
Essie: going incognito
Sinful Colors:unicorn
Wet'n'Wild:i need a refreshMINT
Wet'n'Wild: lavender creme'

now your probably saying "wow she has essie i thought she was a cheapo and only bout the crap brands" like no boo boo i willl buy expencive brands but im not gonna spend $30 every time i go to the store so i dont mind spending that much on polish but i do however i dont like to spend it repetitively.

anyway back on topic sadly i have to say goodbye to you luckily you get a goodbye with some nail art

okeey here you go next time you go on my blog (depending on how often you go on my blog) i will most likely have my nail polish inventory for you. by-the-bye if you like my blog and or  have been viewing it for a while tell your friends your enemies your neighborhood nail junkies i really want this blog to take off! okeey bye love you guys!