Thursday, January 3, 2013

down with the uh...70's?

hey guys i did a little manicure tha reminds me of the disco days it also reminds me of the 80's too thats why i put a ? by the 70's (disco times
anyway its about the most funnest way to KILL  winter. because though the manicure is adorable! noens just dont fit ;P well i dont really like to get too wordy so imma get to the point
heres a picture

ur da dur lol sowwy the picture quality is bad but thats jurst because the pic was like itty bitty the size of miah  pinky toe small so i jumbo sized it heee lol dont mind me acting urhmm crazy im just like a lil bit weirdly off. its cuz i havent done anything today and im FiLlEd with energyyyyyyy.
anyway would you likeh to knoew what colors i used
ThE CoLoRs I uSeD:
Essie: going incognito
Sinful Colors:unicorn
Wet'n'Wild:i need a refreshMINT
Wet'n'Wild: lavender creme'

now your probably saying "wow she has essie i thought she was a cheapo and only bout the crap brands" like no boo boo i willl buy expencive brands but im not gonna spend $30 every time i go to the store so i dont mind spending that much on polish but i do however i dont like to spend it repetitively.

anyway back on topic sadly i have to say goodbye to you luckily you get a goodbye with some nail art

okeey here you go next time you go on my blog (depending on how often you go on my blog) i will most likely have my nail polish inventory for you. by-the-bye if you like my blog and or  have been viewing it for a while tell your friends your enemies your neighborhood nail junkies i really want this blog to take off! okeey bye love you guys!

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