Thursday, August 23, 2012

well good to see you!

so sorry i haven't been posting i have been sooo busy i havent had time to really do my nails... plus every time i did they looked soo bad but i have a treat for you cause here comes a manicure!
the quality is horrible believe me i know... but until i get my camera back (long story) pictures aren't gonna be to great. anyway i used OPI- just spotted the lizard and your web or mine. plus wet'n'wild fasstdry-ebony hates chris (if you put black behind chrome it looks lovely) then with a touch of rinestomes you have a beutiful salon style manicure.

P.S. click here! elf is having an awesome sale spend $20 and get 8 free nail polishes!! for me that means buying 9 nail polishes two mascaras and getting 8 more for free! ha i made sure to spend money to get free stuff ... that makes total sense.

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